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      What is the value of Social Media to your business?

      Marketers constantly use social media content to navigate consumers to their businesses services. However, the vast amount of media content falls on deaf ears which often leaves us asking the question: how can we truly use social media to our advantage?

      At Kingsford we internally debate on the value of return in using social media…

      A digital marketing and PR strategist Lee Odden provides invaluable advice on how you should be using social media to increase your brand awareness and create new revenue streams. Although this account is taken from an American perspective it is potent for businessmen throughout the UK.



      What do you need to do?

      The key to maximising your social media for your businesses benefit is to partner with social influencers, famous and niche, since it creates great exposure for those who participate.

      Here are a few statistics to reinforce Odden’s advice:


      • $9.60 earned media value for every dollar spent is what a Burst Media study reported about working with influencers.
      • 82% of customers were highly likely to follow recommendations from social influencers about products or services according to a study by the Wharton School.
      • Programs including influencers experiences a 10x increase in conversion rates according to a study rate by Content Marketing Institute.
      • A 37% higher attention rate with customers acquired through social influencer programs was reported in McKinsey study.


      Social media influencers to target

      Odden shares several examples of social media influencers that could offer assistance in increasing your brand awareness through posting content on their website.

      Social media influencing has been introduced by Pandora MOA with their #becharming campaign and Minnetonka Mocasin through their #Minnetonka initiative. The aforementioned companies establish a platform on their websites where other businesses can share their content and promote its brand.

      The key lesson to learn is that social media influencers extend beyond Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. There are thousands of companies at your disposal which will develop your businesses profile.

      If you want to build your businesses database of social influencers I would recommend taking a look at DOM marketing.








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