‘What does it mean to grow old?’ Innovative Care Company Elder takes space with Kingsford

19th February 2020

Kingsford Office is delighted to Welcome Eldercare (UK) to its 2 Walker Street location. Elder is a technology-enabled care agency, and one of the fastest-growing companies in the UK. It helps provide live-in care – an alternative to the care home that allows elderly loved ones to get the full-time, specialist support they need in the place they belong, their own home. It does this by matching self-employed live-in carers to families in need. Using proprietary logistical and matching technology, Elder can get a carer matched on individual needs and personality to any location in the UK within 48 hours. It’s a scalable and sustainable model that is meeting demand where the traditional residential sector cannot. Every 12 days the […]

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Top 5 tips on finding your perfect Office Space

4th February 2020

Your start-up is growing, you find yourself running out of space in the home office. Your Director has asked you to look at opening a new branch. You’re the CEO of a small business that’s won a new contract and need to expand quickly. These are all good problems to have, however looking at renting office space for the first time can be a daunting process especially in a city with many different office providers. Where do you start? While there are pro’s and cons to taking serviced office vs traditntal leased space for this article we are focussing purely on serviced or ‘flexible workspace’. So, here are our Top 5 Tips on Finding Your Perfect Office Space. Space planning […]

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5 things to do in Edinburgh City Centre on your lunch hour

22nd October 2019

We’re all busy people. How many of us skip our lunch or wolf down a sandwich at our desks? I know I’m guilty of this. A recent Bupa survey revealed that nearly two thirds of people lunch for less than 20 minutes while 28% skip it entirely. Whether you’re an employee or business owner, taking your lunch break is vital to boosting productivity and reducing stress levels. Here’s some suggestions: Go out for lunch with colleagues or friends When I am sitting on my own, I tend to browse my phone, checking social media and then I start checking work emails. Going for lunch gives you a chance to unwind and speak to colleagues or meet up with friends. At […]

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How a Virtual Office can strengthen your growing business

11th October 2019

Virtual Offices are useful things. They come in different forms. Commonly a virtual office product will consist of use of a prestigious city centre business address, mail forwarding and maybe a local telephone number or even call answering. There are many benefits using this service for a small business, sole trader or entrepreneur. The first would be it gives your business a Professional image – an address in a prestigious city centre address without the cost of a traditional office. Continuing on this theme, rather than displaying a mobile number on your website , which looks unprofessional, a Virtual Office can provide you with a local landline number redirected to the number of your choice. The address and phone number […]

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What is this trendy Coworking malarkey anyway? And why it is the future

18th July 2019

The Coworking Revolution  Coworking has got massive. The global market value flexible workspaces is estimated at an approximate £21 billion.  What exactly is Coworking and why is it taking over the world? It all started in 2005 when a computer programmer named Brad Neuberg, wanting the structure and community of an open plan office but for freelancers, rented space kickstarting the Coworking revolution Coworking essentially is a shared workspace community for like-mind indiviauls that saves the traditional costs of leasing private office space. It’s estimated there are over 14,000 Cowork spaces in the world, with almost 4 million users. Many are niche and tailor towards to non-profits or tech startups.  More recently there are now woman only spaces. Some spaces are […]

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Four ways that Serviced Offices can help businesses save money

1st June 2018

More and more companies continue to move into Serviced Offices and not without good reason. Businesses now have the opportunity to set up shop in pre-furnished, pre-decorated, often impressive Serviced Offices, cutting days of hassle out of their schedule and leaving them free to get on with business from the day they move in. No longer do they have to bring furniture, buy internet connections or paint walls, but just move in and get on with work in their new, often elegant and impressive, Serviced Office. This might seem like a luxury that only a few could afford. However, FreeOfficeFinder recognised that Serviced Offices can actually save businesses money. Given that many costs are included in the monthly bill and […]

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Teaming up with ‘Balanced Edinburgh’

15th May 2018

Balanced Edinburgh have teamed up with Kingsford Offices to provide you with access to physiotherapy, sports/remedial massage, and osteopathy. Take advantage of 20% initial assessments or book in for a free 15 minute consultation! We have a specialist team of practitioners who are able to provide a one stop shop for all your healthcare needs. We are Edinburghs leading Clinic for postural pain, persistent pain and sports injuries and can provide fast access to expert assessment and onward referral where needed to ensure that you get the fastest recovery possible. Book now and quote ‘Kingsford Office’ for 20% off initial assessments! There is no need to see your GP first, just call or email the clinic and we can arrange […]

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24 Stories in 24 Hours: Jamie’s Charity Challenge

17th July 2017

This weekend Kingsford Business Club were delighted to host Jamie Graham, a copywriter at Editions Financial, as he took on the challenge of writing 24 short stories in 24 hours (non-stop!). Jamie has always had a keen interest in writing and won a BBC Radio Scotland competition as a kid which was acted out on national radio. Since then he has written children’s stories and a novella, as well as competing the 24 hour challenge once before by writing 24 kids stories to raise funds for Bloodwise. To make the challenge more difficult this time around, Jamie started on Saturday without any ideas and his colleagues supplied prompts pulled out of a hat as the challenge unfolded. Jamie has so far raised […]

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How to Get the Most Out of Your Coworking Membership

13th June 2017

If you are considering coworking and don’t know whether it’s for you, here are a few tips to find the right membership for you and to make the most of it. 1. Choose your Coworking Space Carefully There are a huge variety of coworking spaces out there. Some are artistic and creative; attracting freelance journalists, writers, and artists. Others are more corporate and executive; attracting professionals such as lawyers, PR agents, and accountants who need a boutique space to make a good impression with clients. There ‘incubator’ coworking spaces to explore, which tend to be geared towards start-ups and young online businesses and are designed to accelerate and push companies towards success. If you want to make the most out of your […]

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10 Person Office Available at Albany Street

3rd May 2017

We are delighted to offer a spacious 10 person office at 4 Albany Street from August onwards. This office is quiet and private, with large windows so it remains a light bright space even on grey Edinburgh days.    The office will be fully furnished with high quality desks and comfortable chairs, as well as wall mounted storage. You have access to the two members kitchens on site, which are kept regularly topped up with a selection of gourmet teas and Nespresso coffees, soft drinks and cereals.Your office also includes a membership to Kingsford Business Club at 26 Dublin Street which comes with a wealth of benefits including a members discount card, discounted boardroom hire across all of our office […]

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