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      Four key tips to help entrepreneurs boost their creativity

      As an entrepreneur it is imperative to not find yourself in a creative rut. This can hinder your ability to lead effectively. Many of us find ourselves in an unresponsive routine leading to the question of how we can regain inspiration.

      At Kingsford we engage with inspirational entrepreneurs on a day-to-day basis.

      Presented are four useful tips from our resident entrepreneurs:


      1) Change your routine:

      Many successful athletes and businessmen speak about the need for a consistent routine. However, perhaps your mind and body is sick of performing the same tasks over and over again. The solution? Cancel your first meeting tomorrow and give your body that extra hour of sleep it needs.

      Do you always watch the same morning show? Or read the same newspaper to start your day? Instead watch something different and read something new.

      Keeping a fresh routine will guarantee an increase in creativity.
      2)  Shut up:

      As the boss you are likely to be bombarded for your opinion. That may be flattering and proves that others value your competency and professionalism. However, delegating tasks to others can lead to a creative drain. Your decisions may become predictable.

      Instead, from time to time, understand that the best way to learn is to listen and watch. Allow your thoughts to ruminate.
      3) Force yourself to come up with 100s of ideas:

      An effective tool to get the creative juices moving in your brain is to write down 100 ideas. These ideas could be new business ideas or ways to improve your current businesses. Many of the thoughts you write down won’t be new but there will be some unfamiliar ideas inked into your paper.

      On completion, take the time to consider the potential impact of your new ideas.
      4) Travel:

      What often puts us in a rut is too much repetition. Everyday we meet the same people, do the same tasks and go to the same places. Travelling allows us to leave our comfort zone.

      Exposing ourselves to new cultures, people, sights and even languages allows our minds to expand and adapt, tapping into new mental resources. If you are unable to take a week or two away then why not try a weekend getaway? Even a couple of hundred miles from where you are could be enough to spark some fresh ideas.

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