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      The Coworking Revolution 

      Coworking has got massive. The global market value flexible workspaces is estimated at an approximate £21 billion.  What exactly is Coworking and why is it taking over the world?

      It all started in 2005 when a computer programmer named Brad Neuberg, wanting the structure and community of an open plan office but for freelancers, rented space kickstarting the Coworking revolution

      Coworking essentially is a shared workspace community for like-mind indiviauls that saves the traditional costs of leasing private office space.

      It’s estimated there are over 14,000 Cowork spaces in the world, with almost 4 million users. Many are niche and tailor towards to non-profits or tech startups.  More recently there are now woman only spaces. Some spaces are as unique as their members; you’ll find spaces in castles, vans , churches and even on boats.

      Likewise, coworking is more relevant as people value time and flexibility more than traditional perks such as bonuses.

      Edinburgh Coworking Space
      A successful coworking space in the heart of Edinburgh

      Kingsford Business Club 

      At Kingsford Business Club Dublin Street we cater to a discerning crowd of entrepreneurs and freelancers in the heart of Edinburghs historic Newtown. Our listed Georgian building offers members a beautiful relaxed space to work in.

      Members get access to an exclusive Kingsford Card giving preferential rates and offers at local restaurants, bars and shops.

      Most importantly is the human touch. We celebrate our members milestones and successes, personal and professional.

      To try us for the day for free or for more information send an email to

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