The Beach Office: 6 Person Office Available in Edinburgh City Centre

8th March 2017

This office has now been taken. Please get in touch for information on other offices and coworking opportunities! We are delighted to offer this great 6 person office at 26 Dublin Street. Located towards the back of the building, this office is quiet and private. With a classic townhouse window and dreamy beach mural, this office remains a light bright space even on grey Edinburgh days!The office is fully furnished with high quality desks and comfortable chairs, as well as wall mounted storage. You have access to the two members kitchens on site, which are kept regularly topped up with a selection of gourmet teas and Nespresso coffees, soft drinks, cereals and fresh fruit.Your office also includes a membership to Kingsford Business Club which comes […]

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Start-up Tips: Keep Your Costs Down with a Virtual Office

27th February 2017

In this digital technology age, it really is possible to work from anywhere in the world – smart phones, laptops, tablets and a vast number of spaces offering free WiFi have enabled companies to grow from pretty much any location. That being said, there is still value to be added by establishing a professional base. Virtual offices can offer start-ups a brilliant platform to build on, without costing the earth. A virtual office bridges the gap between working from your home, coffee shops, the garden shed or your friend’s living room to having a professional premises and address. City Centre Locations, without the City Centre Price Tag A virtual office comes with all the benefits and prestige of having a city […]

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5 Valentine’s Gift Ideas for the Entrepreneur in Your Life

7th February 2017

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we’ve put together some gift ideas for the entrepreneur in your life. From note taking technology to co-working inspiration, here are some great tips to boost productivity and save time (meaning more of their time can be spent with you!). 1. Bamboo Folio Help your entrepreneur to work smarter with the Bamboo Folio. You just write notes and ideas naturally with a pen on any paper, then with the push of a button, Bamboo Folio converts handwriting into “living” digital files. Because sometimes there’s no substitute for a good hand-written note! 2. Nespresso Most entrepreneurs run on coffee, so why not give the basic instant options a miss in exchange for something that is actually enjoyable to […]

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Sustaining Financial Security Whilst Pursuing Entrepreneurship

19th October 2016

At Kingsford we are encouraged to be business minded and innovative. We believe that the key to success in entrepreneurship is sustaining financial security before pursuing your business ideas. The romanticised vision of entrepreneurship promises a quick path to success and total devotion to your business from day one. Yet, the reality is somewhat different. Being an entrepreneur can be risky but entrepreneurs who are in full-time employment reduce their risk of failure. They wait until they have built their business before they sever ties with a job that pays their bills. If the excitement of becoming a full time entrepreneur is pulling you out of your workplace remember that you have grocery bills, rent, car payments and family expenses. […]

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Four key tips to help entrepreneurs boost their creativity

4th October 2016

As an entrepreneur it is imperative to not find yourself in a creative rut. This can hinder your ability to lead effectively. Many of us find ourselves in an unresponsive routine leading to the question of how we can regain inspiration. At Kingsford we engage with inspirational entrepreneurs on a day-to-day basis. Presented are four useful tips from our resident entrepreneurs:   1) Change your routine: Many successful athletes and businessmen speak about the need for a consistent routine. However, perhaps your mind and body is sick of performing the same tasks over and over again. The solution? Cancel your first meeting tomorrow and give your body that extra hour of sleep it needs. Do you always watch the same […]

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What is the value of Social Media to your business?

19th September 2016

Marketers constantly use social media content to navigate consumers to their businesses services. However, the vast amount of media content falls on deaf ears which often leaves us asking the question: how can we truly use social media to our advantage? At Kingsford we internally debate on the value of return in using social media… A digital marketing and PR strategist Lee Odden provides invaluable advice on how you should be using social media to increase your brand awareness and create new revenue streams. Although this account is taken from an American perspective it is potent for businessmen throughout the UK.     What do you need to do? The key to maximising your social media for your businesses benefit […]

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Should the New Apple Watch be a Tax Deductible Expense?

13th September 2016

Last week, alongside the iPhone 7, Apple introduced the hotly anticipated Apple Watch 2. New features like Waterproofing, longer battery life and a 50% faster chip means the Apple Watch is more geared up for business (or the swimming pool) than ever. Wouldn’t it be great if we could sign off this device as a tax deductible expense? A blend between business function and personal entertainment means things aren’t entirely clear cut. Here we explore two options. iPhones/iPads as Taxable Expenses HMRC grant that both iPads and iPhones are fully tax deductible business expenses because they are (PDAs) – palm top computers or hand-held devices that function as a personal information manager. HMRC do not specify what PDAs are subject […]

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Co-working Visa: Kingsford Goes Global

1st September 2016

Imagine if, for the price of one small membership fee, you could have access to a Global network of co-working spaces… well that is exactly what you now can do as a member of the Kingsford Business Club! As of today Kingsford is taking part in the coworking visa programme! Here’s a bit of info on the programme, and why we’re so excited about it. What is the co-working Visa? It is a global network of coworking spaces that allows active members of one space to use other coworking spaces around the world for free for a set number of days (usually three). As part of the Kingsford Business Club, our members can work at over 450 coworking spaces, across […]

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Turing Festival 2016: Kingsford’s Highlights

23rd August 2016

Last week, the brightest and best of the UK’s digital tech scene descended on Edinburgh for the Turing Festival. Across two days, over 450 guests came to listen to headline speakers give talks on the festival’s two themes; “Product/People” and “Full Stack Marketing”. Kingsford’s marketing team Scott and Oli volunteered at the festival and managed to catch a few talks in the process. Here are a few of their highlights. Pete Herlihy “Why No-One Should Ever See Your Best Work” Thousands of people interact with Pete Herlihy’s work every day, and yet most don’t even notice. He works for the Government Digital Service, one of the youngest departments in the civil service, and the one tasked with leading the digital transformation […]

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Rotisserie Chicken, David Bowie, Waterproof Clothing and Theme Parks: How Facebook knows more about you than you do.

4th August 2016

We’ve been looking into new platforms recently to promote Kingsford Office and found some interesting features of Facebook in the process. Online advertising is big business. Recently the IAB reported that UK Online Adspend reached £8.8 billion last year – showing no signs of slowing on a seven year streak. One rising behemoth of the online advertising world is Facebook. Things have certainly changed over seven years. “Nudge” your memory. In 2009 as a Facebook user you’d find a newsfeed covered with little more than your friends photos, status updates and Farmville requests. However in 2016, as a Facebook user you’ll find yourself browsing one of the largest advertising mediums on the internet. Faced with a newsfeed covered in your […]

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