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      The World’s Three Most Unusual Co-Working Spaces

      While a day spent co-working at Kingsford Business Club is never dull, there have admittedly been times where we’ve wondered what might happen if we had a boat, or monkeys, or a climbing wall?

      Well, here’s three rather unusual co-working spaces that do…

      Co-Boat – Co-working on a 30-metre-long boat.

      Coworking on the Seven Seas

      The very first co-working space on the water. Coboat is a new co-working concept combining co-working with a round-the-world sailing trip. Adventurous co-workers can signup for 7, 28 or 365 day trips, with the latter coming in at an eye-watering €45,990.

      It’s founders believe the intimacy of the boat is what makes it the ideal collaborative environment.

      “With Coboat, we realize our own dream to experience the world by boat, while being more productive, meeting new people and helping them develop their own ideas”

      Founder, Karsten Knoor

      Oh, and yes there is wi-fi!

      HUBUD – Co-working by a poolside in Bali.


      The co-working holiday or co-workation is a growing trend. Fed up with miserable weather dampening their productivity, entrepreneurs are heading to exotic locations around the world to work.

      Hubud is in the paradise of Bali and offers all the standard amenities a co-worker might expect such as: fast internet, access to a printer/scanner, meeting room hire and regular monkey visits.

      With an average temperature of around 31 degrees and the luxury of swapping brainstorming in the boardroom for brainstorming by the pool it’s no wonder co-working spaces such as HuBud are in demand.

      Take a look but be wary of the office envy!

      Brooklyn Boulders – Co-Working Whilst Rock-Climbing

      Brooklyn Boulders – Co-Working Whilst Rock-Climbing

      As sedentary office lifestyles continue to make the headlines one co-working space offers an exciting, and healthy, alternative to sitting at your desk all day. Brooklyn Boulders is a stateside co-working space on top of a 120-foot-long and 22-foot-high climbing wall.

      If you’re a believer in the “fit body, fit mind” principle then this is the place for you.

      For a more conventional co-working environment, check out our Dublin Street location in the heart of Edinburgh here, or call us on 0131 557 6722

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