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      The Secret to the Most Tax Efficient Coffee You’ll Ever Drink

      Coffee Habits

      It’s a familiar story for many commuters:

      You’re on your way to work when you suddenly find yourself lured in to your closest Starbucks, Costa, Café Nero etc. The smell of freshly brewed coffee hooks you in. Your eyes glaze at the sight of a triple chocolate muffin.

      You stroll cheerily into the office, grande-ventissimo-roca-origin-espresso-quadruple-caramel-machiatto-with-whipped-cream-and-hazelnut-glaze in hand. Once the sugar and caffeine rush settles, all is well. That is until, you realise how much this daily little treat has really cost you…

      Let’s run through a fairly plausible example.

      Five days a week on your way to the office you buy a medium latte from Starbucks (£2.60). Two of those days you splash out and grab a Blueberry Muffin (£1.85). Do the math and straight away you’re down £16.70 each week.

      Assuming you take your 28 days holiday decaffeinated, that’s a sizeable £774.88 out your pocket every year!

      The figure gets even scarier when you consider how much you’ll need to earn to keep up this habit. Assuming in a senior role you’re on £45,000 a year, after national insurance and income tax you’re looking at a take-home pay of around £33,567. That means for every £1 you spend on coffee and muffins, you need to earn £1.34. Factor this in and your habit spirals to £1038.80 a year. That’s over £86 a month!

      Ouch! but with a caffeine addiction to feed how on earth can you avoid this?

      By drinking the most tax efficient coffee you’ve ever tasted.

      How? Here’s the logic:

      For serviced office and co-working customers with a Kingsford Business Club membership, unlimited artisan coffee is included! There’s a total of 11 different options to compete with your usual Starbucks masterpiece. We also offer complimentary breakfast muesli and fruit – to get your day of to a great start. Plus, on Fridays join us for a beer or several to celebrate your wins.

      It’s all included in the one competitive price, so it’s arguably the most tax efficient way to eat breakfast and drink coffee (and beer).

      Interested? If you run your own business – call us on 0131 557 6722.

      If you work for someone else – perhaps its time you suggested a change of scene to your boss.

      The figures add up, you could be well-caffeinated and over a £1000 better off each year!

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