Top 5 tips on finding your perfect Office Space

Your start-up is growing, you find yourself running out of space in the home office. Your Director has asked you to look at opening a new branch. You’re the CEO of a small business that’s won a new contract and need to expand quickly.

These are all good problems to have, however looking at renting office space for the first time can be a daunting process especially in a city with many different office providers. Where do you start?

While there are pro’s and cons to taking serviced office vs traditntal leased space for this article we are focussing purely on serviced or ‘flexible workspace’.

So, here are our Top 5 Tips on Finding Your Perfect Office Space.

  1. Space planning

Before you start looking think about the space you need. Typically, serviced office space providers will allocate 30 square foot per person (Kingsford give 40 square foot per person). For example 4-person office will be 120 to 160 square foot. More flexible workspace providers will let you upscale if you need to grow.

If you require room for meeting table add another 25  square foot per conference chair.

  1. Price, location and Budget

Try to establish a budget but be realistic. Office space providers are a bit like hotels, you get budget providers, mid-market and high-end providers.

Location and type effects pricing too. Mid-market and higher end providers tend to be more centrally located with more luxurious touches, with dedicated Front of House Managers, whilst budget providers tend to be on the outskirts of a large town or city and offer less in the way of amenities. Offices with superior views will be more expensive that an internal office.

Coworking (Hot-desks or fixed desks in a shared environment) is growing massively in popularity and is a cost effective option for start-ups or 1 to 3 person team. Prices and packages vary widely, at Kingsford our packages start from £90 per month.

London prices for fully serviced private offices range from £500 up to a whopping £1,000 per desk , whilst secondary cities such as Manchester , Glasgow or Edinburgh would typically range from £200 to £350 per desk. Again this depends on the size, type and location of office space.

Office space to rent Edinburgh
Serviced Office space at Kingsford

When looking pricing be mindful not to compare apples with pears. Is the space fully inclusive or are things like broadband, meeting rooms and coffee extra?

  1. Do your research

Before you even book an appointment to view a space, check out the providers website, blog, LinkedIn and Instagram pages. This will give you an idea of the sense of community, services offered , engagement with customers and general brand values.

  1. Think about your team

The basics that are important to most office based workers – a smaller commute or good transport links, natural light, fast reliable broadband and kitchens/breakout space with tea/coffee facilities.

Serviced Office Kitchen
Kitchen at Kingsford Office Dublin Street

Different generations also tend to work differently – older workers may prefer traditional private office space with fixed desks whilst younger workers may be more inclined to work in an open collaborative hotdesking or coworking environment. You know your team best so will know what will work for them.

Higher end workspaces may offer an inbuilt perks package for your employees – at Kingsford we offer complimentary tea, coffee, soft drinks, regular free beer and prosecco socials along with member nights out and discounts at local bars, restaurants and gyms.

  1. How flexible is the space?

You may be planning scale quickly grow or looking to start slowly. Questions to ask are what are the minimum and maximum agreement terms? Can you upgrade to a bigger space easily? Are there annual rent or licence fee increases?

I hope you found this useful. If you have any other tips , let us know in the comments below.

About the author

Steven Carr is Head of Kingsford Office a leading Edinburgh provider of high end Serviced and Coworking Space and has worked in the serviced office industry for several years for some of the leading providers in the Sector. Kingsford Office is leading Edinburgh provider of high end serviced office and Coworking. Our agreements are fully inclusive, hassle free with terms to suit you.

How a Virtual Office can strengthen your growing business

Virtual Offices are useful things. They come in different forms. Commonly a virtual office product will consist of use of a prestigious city centre business address, mail forwarding and maybe a local telephone number or even call answering.

Mailboxes at Kingsford

There are many benefits using this service for a small business, sole trader or entrepreneur. The first would be it gives your business a Professional image – an address in a prestigious city centre address without the cost of a traditional office.

Continuing on this theme, rather than displaying a mobile number on your website , which looks unprofessional, a Virtual Office can provide you with a local landline number redirected to the number of your choice.

The address and phone number can be used on marketing materials, business cards and for established companies breaking into a new market , it saves the costs of opening another market.

In addition many providers will receive mail and other packages ensuring you never miss an important delivery when you are out.

Finally some providers , like Kingsford, offer their virtual office customers additional benefits like discounted meeting room hire or access to Networking Events.

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