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      Six Business Accounts you Should Definitely be Following on Twitter

      Here are a six twitter accounts from the world of business, finance, and entrepreneurship, that we think you should definitely be following on twitter…


      1. Bloomberg


      Tweets: 156K, Followers: 3.24M

      With the twitter handle @business, Bloomberg seems like the most obvious place to start this list. The self-appointed ‘first word in business news’, Bloomberg is a must-follow. With a global outlook and articles on business, economics, and politics, if there is something worth knowing about business or current affairs, you will find it on Bloomberg.


      2. BBC Business


      Tweets: 80.2K, Followers: 1.79M

      This pick is a no-brainer really. The BBC are renowned for their to-the-minute updates, and insightful content. As well as posting live news-stories, articles, and opinion pieces, BBC Business regularly retweets content from their global network of ‘in-the-field’ journalists to give you a unique perspective on the day’s headlines.


      3. Entrepreneur


      Tweets: 95.2K, Followers: 2.38M

      Entrepreneur is a magazine that has been going since 1973. As its name suggests, the magazine publishes news stories and articles about entrepreneurship and small businesses. Entrepreneur posts a considerable amount on their twitter page, usually around three to five articles per hour, so you will never be short of stuff to read. It’s content is high quality too, covering all aspects of business including marketing, sales, finance, negotiation, and leadership. With really interesting content, pumped out at a staggering rate, Entrepreneur is an account that you should definitely be following.


      4. Inc.


      Tweets: 142K, Followers 1.7M

      Inc. is an American magazine, founded in 1979, that focuses on growing companies. Every year the magazine publishes an annual list of the 500 fastest growing private companies in the U.S. – the ‘Inc. 500.’ Inc. has been on twitter since 2008, and since then has become a major force, gaining nearly 2 million followers. Although twitter is the best place to keep up to date on their content, if you visit their website,, they have organised their vast array of articles based on keywords such as ‘innovation’, ‘leadership’, and ‘technology’.


      5. Forbes


      Tweets: 137K, Followers: 9.76M

      Most famous for its ‘rich-list’, Forbes has made this list due to its established reputation and incredibly diverse content. If you follow you Forbes you can expect regular updates on finance, industry, marketing, and investing, as well as interesting insights into fields such as technology, communication, science, and law. Forbes is a great resource, it’s 10 million followers can’t all be wrong.



      6. Guardian Small Business


      Tweets: 26.4K, Followers: 36.7K

      The newest addition to this list, and the only one with fewer than one million followers, the Guardian’s small business page is a really valuable tool from SMEs, offering advice and tips to small business leaders as well as current affairs and opinion pieces. The Guardian’s content is concise, straightforward, and easily digestible – there’s something for everyone.

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