Four ways that Serviced Offices can help businesses save money

More and more companies continue to move into Serviced Offices and not without good reason. Businesses now have the opportunity to set up shop in pre-furnished, pre-decorated, often impressive Serviced Offices, cutting days of hassle out of their schedule and leaving them free to get on with business from the day they move in. No longer do they have to bring furniture, buy internet connections or paint walls, but just move in and get on with work in their new, often elegant and impressive, Serviced Office.

This might seem like a luxury that only a few could afford. However, FreeOfficeFinder recognised that Serviced Offices can actually save businesses money. Given that many costs are included in the monthly bill and a number of jobs are taken out of your hands, it soon becomes clear that Serviced Offices can be both stress free and cost-effective. We looked at some of the ways Serviced Offices do indeed save businesses money.

     1. Less Space Needed

As opposed to renting a leased office, you only pay for the space you really need in a Serviced Office. Facilities like toilets, kitchens, meeting rooms and break rooms are communal, managed facilities. The Serviced Office provider takes care of these, so that you only have to pay for the desk space that you use. This can provide a large saving for businesses, who would otherwise have to pay rent on all the space they use.

     2. Already Fitted Out

When renting a Serviced Office, you won’t have to worry about chairs, desks, drawers or filing cabinets. In addition, the space will be decorated and can be configured on request. When you rent a leased office, you will need to purchase furniture as the space is typically an empty shell.  Fitting an office out can also prove very expensive as build work isn’t cheap, so there is a lot of time and effort, in addition to cost, saved in the process.

       3. Outsourced Staffing Costs

Serviced Offices often already have employed staff, such as Receptionists and Admin Staff. This means that you can benefit from in house staff who can perform any adhoc task you need (on site) without the need to employ and pay wages for a dedicated person/s for the role. Sometimes, you may need to pay an extra pay-as-you-go fee for support service staff, but this is minimal compared to an actual wage.

        4. No need to go large

Any company that wants to expand takes a risk renting leased office space. They cannot be certain that their company will definitely grow into the space, nor can they be definite they won’t outgrow it. Either way, by taking a larger space to grow into, they will be paying for it (and for a long time, as you are usually bound to a 3 to 10 year contract). Renting a Serviced Office normally rids you of this worry. Rent the exact size you need initially and the provider will typically allow you to jump to larger spaces in the building as and when your companies grows.

Teaming up with ‘Balanced Edinburgh’

Balanced Edinburgh have teamed up with Kingsford Offices to provide you with access to physiotherapy, sports/remedial massage, and osteopathy. Take advantage of 20% initial assessments or book in for a free 15 minute consultation! We have a specialist team of practitioners who are able to provide a one stop shop for all your healthcare needs. We are Edinburghs leading Clinic for postural pain, persistent pain and sports injuries and can provide fast access to expert assessment and onward referral where needed to ensure that you get the fastest recovery possible.

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There is no need to see your GP first, just call or email the clinic and we can arrange an assessment. At Balanced we believe that early diagnosis and intervention is critical to prevent chronic pain developing. We work with all major insurance companies and so can provide rapid access to physiotherapy under your healthcare plan. We also run frequent workshops and events around Edinburgh, just check out our website for details.

Services Provided:

• Specialist Physiotherapy Assessment and Treatment
• Sports and remedial massage
• Osteopathy
• Acupuncture and Dry Needling
• Acute and Chronic pain management
• Strapping for pain relief or Sports
• Nutrition
• Podiatry
• Pilates
• Onward referral where required

Balanced Clinics

While the offers for Kingsford clients will only be available at our Queen Street clinic please see a full list of locations below:

Balanced Queen Street Clinic
Royal Garden Apartments, 2 York Buildings, EH2 1HY

Balanced Stockbridge Clinic
1 St Bernards Row, Stockbridge, EH4 1HW

Balanced Westwoods
Fettes College, EH4 1RA

Balanced Heriot Watt- Oriam
Edinburgh Campus, EH14 4AS

Balanced Barnton
Greenkeepers Cottage
The Royal Burgess Golfing Society
181a Whitehouse Road, EH4 6BU

To book an appointment please email or call 0131 315 3105. You can visit the Balanced website at