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      5 Free Web Apps That Will Make You More Productive!

      The one thing that isn’t productive about productivity apps is time spent finding them. There are tens of thousands of productivity apps available online each with their own bewildering assortment of features, integrations and pricing. To save you time we’ve shortlisted our top five of the moment. Each one fits our selective criteria – namely, it makes you more productive.

      Organise your ideas with Mindmaps!


      Mindmeister –

      Creating Mindmaps using desktop publishing software is cumbersome and time-consuming. Mindmeister is a fully featured, browser based alternative. Using Mindmeister you can quickly create informative Mindmaps to help you organise your projects, tasks and ideas. We particularly love the collaboration feature of Mindmeister which allows you to share your ideas in one click by email to your colleagues or even invite them to contribute themselves.

      Supercharge your calendar. (Update 14th July 2016: Recently purchased by Microsoft, it looks like shortly Sunrise will be around no more)


      Sunrise –

      Sunrise is a great calendar app that integrates with your current Google, iCloud or Exchange calendar. What we love about Sunrise is it’s one of the most visually pleasing calendars on the market. But the best thing is Sunrise isn’t just pretty, it’s functional too, it’s even been called the “swiss-army knife” of calendars.

      Make creating and remembering secure passwords painless.


      LastPass –

      The average internet user logs in to twenty-five sites a day. Seventy-three percent of them use the same password for multiple sites. The average password takes just three minutes to crack! LastPass helps you stay secure, generating hard-to-crack passwords with the click of a button and then storing them safely on your device for automatic input. This will save you valuable time spent logging in and remembering passwords.

      Stay on track of your tasks with a super-easy To-Do-List.


      ToDoIst –

      There’s an endless list of to-do-list apps available. One of our personal favourites is ToDoIst. The reason why is it has a great balance between aesthetics, functionality and portability. You can use ToDoIst to create comprehensive lists of all your tasks, with the ability to efficiently split up tasks by project! Allowing you to keep “remembering to buy milk” aside from “collating your expenses”. Once you’re setup you can install ToDoList on your phone or tablet and find all your tasks effortlessly synchronised for staying productive on the go!

      Find out where your time’s going and quit slacking.


      RescueTime –

      Rescue Time is an amazing free app for figuring out just where your time goes! We’re all guilty of losing focus from time to time and there’s nothing more annoying than getting to the end of the day and finding you’ve only achieved half of what you planned to. RescueTime allows you to reclaim the time you lose mindlessly skimming through Facebook, watching videos on Youtube or scrolling through Twitter. The free version lets you download a small application to your computer which tracks the applications and websites you visit. You can then login to your RescueTime dashboard to get a detailed overview of how you’ve spent your day. Take a little time to figure out where you’re getting distracted, make a few tweaks to how you work and you’ll be more efficient than ever!

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